Q. Do I need to provide cleaning products?

No, but we can customize your service to include your preferences for cleaning products.

Q. What do I need to prepare for your cleaning services?

Enjoy your ideal lifestyle more by letting us take the time to provide a stress free mess free place for you. Nothing is required for preparation, but we do love honest feedback.

Q. How much will your cleaning services cost?

We are a locally owned company excited to bring a higher level of service to our clients. Each customer is unique and we offer different types of services. Please schedule an appointment with us in order to receive your free customized quote.

Q. How do I pay for my cleaning service?

We offer many different ways to pay for services rendered. Let us know what you prefer and we should be able to take payment in that form. We do require payment before, during, or directly upon completion of services in most scenarios.

Q. Can I choose a specific time of day for my cleaning service?

We customize our schedule to fit your schedule.

Q. Do I have to be home when the cleaning team arrives?

You are not required to be present during our service times. Approximately 75% of our clients design a way for us to deliver our service without them being present.

Q. What services do you NOT provide?

Maid2Clean is built on the positive experiences of our customers. We do not want to randomly do work that we are not great at. Some cleaning "companies" are not bonded or insured. Therefore, they are able to do anything under the sun regardless of qualifications. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we stick to what we are great at. We clean for you. Please let us know what you expect and we will be upfront about how that fits into what we do.

Q. Are you insured?


Q. What do I do with my pet while you are in my home?

We love pets! For best results of our services it would be ideal for your pet to be in a specific area during our clean and until the customer has had the opportunity to see our completed work.

Q. Who will actually be cleaning my home?

We offer a highly trained cleaning staff along with an on call customer service representative for your convenience. Our results have been highly reviewed by our customers. We understand that occasionally we might miss something. We offer a 24 hour guarantee to return to complete any job to your satisfaction.